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Holy cow. The world is wonderful. I complained that I was sick, and I almost instantly got virtual company (and later, [ profile] microhylidae in person), the spontaneous company of the ever-kind [ profile] sir_graeme and [ profile] haezle yesterday, and amusing links this morning:

Plus Suz just emailed to say that Vienna Teng is performing tonight for free at Rockwood, because of the being stranded by a second volcano erupting.

And it may be worth dragging myself out of my deathbed to go see Vienna, even.

ETA: [ profile] ultiville dryly suggested that perhaps Plan A, before putting cart in front of horse, should be not being on my deathbed in the first place. "Get enough fluids and rest before you decide." He is backed up by just about everyone else. Truth: if everyone else thinks you just rolled a 1 for common sense, that's probably what just happened.
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I had a lovely day today. Originally, I was supposed to see [ profile] sir_graeme for brunch, but we both wimped out, after seeing the torrents of snow come cascading down on the city -- and then Debbie, a high school friend of mine, called, and suggested us taking photos together.

So I trudged out into the blizzard, and we talked and froze and ate at a diner and then I took a bunch more photos. And then we watched Buffy episodes and talked some more, and I babbled about Neil, and she said, "he sounds rare." That made me beam with happiness. Because he is so very rare. I'm so looking forward to him moving in!

Anyway, there were one or two more photos on the way home, and a crisp night slushing on virtually emptied streets. My bones hurt, but I'm happy. And I'll show y'all some of the photos as soon as I figure out how to convert the RAW files -- I'm gonna be dangerous once I get to really work with RAW format (it's like the equivalent of having a negative and being able to play with shadows/contrast/light, far better than you can with JPG files.)

Edit: but there might not be that many photos, since I now realize that taking photos while snow is still falling makes the city look like it has dandruff...


Feb. 2nd, 2006 08:16 am
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Catchup post! I feel really busy with random hunting-for-job stuff, but I did get a chance to see the lovely Miss Tsykalova ([ profile] pinkrhino) at Jean George's restaurant Vong, for lunch. The place is so completely beautifully manicured that I felt a little self conscious for a moment, but they're so gracious and the food is so tasty that it's easy to forget that.

Restaurant Week rocks -- and I'm due to play with [ profile] sir_graeme tomorrow, for dinner at Compass, which is conveniently located like 3 blocks from me, and which was knock-your-socks-off delicious last time I was there.

I gave up on trying to do Kaplan training -- not that it's not a nice company, and I know I like the kids, but the sense of despair I got over doing presentations wasn't worth it.

The other day, there was some clean, gorgeous fog that made me pretty happy:

Morning walk

Emerging into the day
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A month ago, Graeme and I saw this fantabulous sunset. But I got busy and depressed, and never had a chance to post it. I wryly told Graeme that sunsets are really cheesy photographic subjects, but I still like this one rather a lot, and hope you do too.

Dramatic clouds


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