Jul. 15th, 2010 06:38 pm
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I've been spending some ridiculous amount of time squashing my cat. (I'd say 'cuddling' her, but really, it's squashing. She's remarkably good-natured about it.)

Along the way, I discovered the Furminator -- a comb-thing that does not make loose hair fly up into the air (and therefore, I sneeze less while combing her), while also managing to do a remarkably most effective job at removing fur. I now have a cat that is half the size of the cat I started with. And she loves it -- she stayed twice as long as she usually does for these de-furring sessions.

I wish I'd thought to take a picture of the trash can full of her hair before I took the trash out; it was a whole two cats' worth of hair that got removed, which is about twice as much as she usually will stand for.

Maybe this way, after an intense vacuuming session, people might be able to actually visit here without immediately sneezing and running for the Claritin...
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Yes, I am one of those people on the internet that takes photos of their pets all the time.

The fuzzy one


Aug. 23rd, 2005 07:19 pm
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Please please please go and see my cat grooming photos because they're sooooo cute. And I just learned about the Dooce effect in Pshop, which makes portraits totally killer.

Sneak shots )

Thank you.
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Me: *dangles cat-dancer string toy in front of cat*
Allergen: *runs after cat dancer, attempts to trap it with claws. Claws don't have any holding-grip anymore. String slides away*
Me: *smirks, dangles cat toy again*
Allergen: *pounces on it with all four paws, trying to bite it. Kills toy*
Me: *pets the kitty, and kitty attacks hand with paw. But, again, claws don't hurt anymore* *dangles string in front of cat*
Allergen: *tries to trap toy* *misses, is wildly clumsy, hisses in frustration and runs under the table to groom her dignity frantically*

Poor cat. But my furniture is, I think I can say pretty definitively, safe thanks to Softpaws.
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Today, I tried Softpaws on my cat, in the hope that she would stop scratching at my couch. She was not thrilled with this, and I am now hot and sticky (on the other hand, if the product actually makes her scratching ineffective, I'll fight with my cat gladly). I grumped for a bit, and then figured that I should do my work. But I had no motivation to do my homework, even though Matt T is coming over, which means I probably should, like right now.

So I opened my fridge, feeling exhausted, and realized I was out of... everything, liquids included. Grr. Fine. Off to Fairway (which is the most staggeringly amazing supermarket I've ever seen, possibly even including Trader Joe's - they have EVERYTHING you could possibly think of. Example: when I went looking for mustard, they had an entire aisle for various kinds of it.) and then grocery bag handle broke, which means I was awkwardly clutching groceries on way home.

I smell, and I don't think my apartment is better off, either. Two days ago, I threw out some funny-smelling meat, and it smelt up the apartment overnight. So today, no air conditioning, while I attempt to air out the place (and besides, air conditioning costs money that I don't really have. I paid some bills today that made me cringe, and I haven't even seen *this* month's bill, which is sure to be higher than the fans I had running 24/7)

But at least I have a (pissed-off) cute cat, and my lemonade.


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