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  1. The cold/flu from hell forces me to take lots of naps, and naps feel Wonderful.
  2. Despite having been sick, I remain at the top of my game academically, which continues to surprise me and make me happy. People ask me questions & stuff when they're confused. I think they think I have a clue ;)
  3. My hands-on classes at school always make me feel so alive, even when I'm ill, and even when it makes very little sense. I mean, in Palpation class today, we were gently searching for vertebrae and ribs and places on the sternum (the last of which was a major ouch!). There's no reason on earth that should have made me feel alive and not-sick, but it did. I think I just love touching people. (For those of you who are thinking about how unprofessional it is for a future health professional to go to class and risk infecting others -- I wear a mask and have become paranoid about scrubbing my hands. I sneeze into my shoulder and am obsessive about using the hand disinfectant.)
  4. Neil started his job yesterday, which means that I worry less about money, in the back of my head, and also makes me feel rather proud of him.
  5. I was worried about it, but the store hasn't pestered me at all. Whew.
  6. I may take on another InDesign gig, which (see above about money) also lessens my worrying about "argh, how am I going to pay rent?" I think of it as a chance for me to prove that I can stay at the top of my class academically without having much time to study, plus a chance to prove myself somewhat more as a designer-ish sort.
  7. Tomorrow, Neil and I are planning a viewing of X-men, and it's a chance to catch up with friends, which I haven't been doing lately at all.
  8. DayQuil/NyQuil and PeptoBismol. They are wonderful examples of how modern drugs can get you through a day. As Dennis Leary says, "the Big Q talks to me..."
  9. Battlestar Galactica, season 2, has been quite good so far.
  10. Neil always gets up first in the morning, and makes me tea (even when I sleep-snarl at him for not murdering the alarm clock). If romance is in making a person feel special, this is one of those small things that is super-romantic.
  11. I have a little time to myself after class, while Neil is at work, which is going to be really nice for space, although I've only used it for naps so far. I love time where I can just curl up with a book or curl my toes in the carpet or keep my kitchen just how I want it or cook something yummy.
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I stole this idea of Thankful Thursdays from [ profile] k_crow. I'm going to try to stick with it...

1. Being with Neil, and knowing he believes in me. Hearing his voice on the phone, calling just to say he loves me.
2. Being busy - I just got an InDesign gig that'll keep me hopping tonight.
3. Avocado. It's totally the best vegetable out there.
4. Friends that share the same musical taste I have.
5. A friend upstate that was willing to express-mail me a CD.
6. [ profile] jbrjake who was nice enough to offer all sorts of computery advice and stuff. Thank you.
7. My therapist, who helps me to reflect and sort out my worrying.
8. Photography. I have such beautiful memories from Ohio, and they catch just some of the lovely light that was there. I've discovered I love sunlight - makes my mood so much better.
9. Being able to gossip with David, and cuddle with him while laughing over the bad quality of porn there is these days.
10. A sense of belief in myself, as fragile as it sometimes is.


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