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Holy cow. The world is wonderful. I complained that I was sick, and I almost instantly got virtual company (and later, [ profile] microhylidae in person), the spontaneous company of the ever-kind [ profile] sir_graeme and [ profile] haezle yesterday, and amusing links this morning:

Plus Suz just emailed to say that Vienna Teng is performing tonight for free at Rockwood, because of the being stranded by a second volcano erupting.

And it may be worth dragging myself out of my deathbed to go see Vienna, even.

ETA: [ profile] ultiville dryly suggested that perhaps Plan A, before putting cart in front of horse, should be not being on my deathbed in the first place. "Get enough fluids and rest before you decide." He is backed up by just about everyone else. Truth: if everyone else thinks you just rolled a 1 for common sense, that's probably what just happened.
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After hanging out with Josh and Shelley, it is clear that the important things in life are, like...:

Or the movie trailer for Brokeback to the Future:

And the trailer for Sesame Street by Martin Scorcese:

I also have, randomly, the image of my cat singing "White and Nerdy" by Weird Al in my head. Except that she changed the lyrics to "Cute and Fuzzy," and her music video has LOLcats.
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Last night, [ profile] yoda4554 saved me from myself, like he has before, because he has that ridiculously generous streak. I went out to Astoria to a knitting night -- which really would have been fantastic, except that the girl in charge of hosting left off her apartment number in the invite. It was not clearly labeled on the buzzer, either. I couldn't find her phone number. I cursed, then I called [ profile] yoda4554 and said, "I'm freezing and wandering around Astoria hoping she'll get my email, but I'm about to give up on this idea as a total fail. Can I visit you instead, even though I think you're on totally the wrong train from here?"

Most people would find that sort of last-minute randomness slightly obnoxious (and, for that matter, I'd be embarrassed to impose on many friends like that anyway) but Dave didn't bat an eyelash before going, "I'd love to see you. I think I am in fact totally on the wrong train, but let me get out my maps. I was going to go out to a movie, so I may have to leave in a bit, but I'll entertain you for an hour." Then he patiently got me out of Astoria, walked me out of getting lost, and didn't go out to his movie. Instead, he entertained me for three and a half hours, both of us laughing and chatting, and all of the chagrined "argh, so stupid" of the night just melted away.

Best Friday night ever.
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Paraphrasing and stealing much of what [ profile] osirusbrisbane said, this is a love letter for my friends.

You are my hero. )
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I've been leaning so damn hard on Neil and struggling a lot with lifestuff... which is perfectly normal, really, but through all the topsy-turviness and all, when I'm not feeling frantic and depressed, what helps is knowing I have friends out there. I feel bad that I'm not keeping in touch with a lot of you -- Jenn emailed, Seth emailed, I owe Danny (my awesome ex-coworker) a call and lunch for his help -- but please know that I value you, and it helps keep me going to realize that you're there. If you weren't, I think I'd *really* be going insane.

Allergen, Neil and I say hi.

Anyway, I meander. The point of this post is: thank you. Thank you for listening. Thank you for random humor and kind emails out of the blue.

It's going to be pretty busy for the next few weeks settling a full-time-plus job (60 hours now, egads!), school and the still-broken computer (this time, apparently the hard drive failed. Along with the CD drive. The time before that it was the logic board. The time before that it was the energy supply, this summer, when it actually went up IN FLAMES...). I feel horrible that I haven't had time for photography or any energy for writing much that's really been well-thought out. But it'll all hopefully be back during mid-May, when the store goes out of business, and I can finally be sort of normal (if poorer).


Over'n out.


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