Oct. 19th, 2010 01:27 pm
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I tweeted about shakshuka yesterday: a spicy tomato dish with poached eggs on top, complemented by creamy cheese and parsley, it is ridiculously tasty for using such cheap ingredients. I had it at Hummus Place, a restaurant near me.

Then I made it for lunch today again, using SmittenKitchen's recipe. It cost me $9 ($5 of which was for the cheese). For a dish that makes 4 meals and tastes as yummy as this, that's insanely good.

Plus it's vegetarian and is fairly virtuous -- all flavor and essentially no fat other than from the cheese, the latter of which you can eliminate. Go forth and make shakshuka!


Mar. 20th, 2010 11:42 pm
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OMG, guys, I just discovered my new favorite old-style sit-down deli: Lansky's, on Columbus, between 70th and 71st.

The matzo ball soup was to die for: they didn't cheat with the stock (real chicken), the carrots were sweet, the noodles soft, and the matzo ball itself was light and fluffy, not at all mealy. Their hand-battered onion rings are gorgeous -- huge, crispy, with perfect, naturally sweet onions at the center. Their mac and cheese was creamy, with no strange adulterations, and a nice, not-overly-breaded crust at the top. Their pastrami was dark, not too fatty (but with the delicious marbling that is perfect), and with rye, it was delicious.

My stomach hurts from all the eating.

[ profile] sir_graeme, you would love it, and [ profile] adularia, it's possibly better than Chat 'n Chew, and I thought Chat 'n Chew was awesome.
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Dear LJ,

Today I have discovered the wondrous joy that is falafel. I had always been suspicious of it before. It was green-and-brown, and it fell apart if you looked at it. People covered it with white stuff. But that was all before I tasted it. It tastes like fresh herbs, nuts, with a hint of bread, beans, and savories. It is amazing stuff.

What brought on this sudden adventurousness, this abrupt willingness to forgive the world its oddities and vaguely-scary things? My weekend of Ortho-bionomy class, that's what. I've raved before about my OB classes, and how, if you just gently suggest to the body that this is what it's doing, it will correct itself in a graceful, stress-off-your-back manner. But this class wasn't so much about a new concept as remembering how good I am in the first pace -- how much I love working with energy, and helping others whose bodies are aching, and how much I am loved by others in the massage community. How I never gave up that home. I am so grateful.
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I was going to post something about how my newest excuse to Neil for spending money (other than, "God hung a sign on me that said 'tempt me'") is usually: "But I spent it for you!" Case in point: sock yarn, $26, and I'll knit him one beautiful pair of socks after I get over being nervous about touching it.

Really, I realized, though, hangin' out with the so-awesome [ profile] regyt, though, that it's all about me. I'm a hedonist. I bought Koigu Painter's Palette sock yarn because it was incredibly luscious, touchable and had browns in sunset colors I'd never seen before.

Earlier today, when I went with [ profile] regyt to an amazing chocolate-and-coffee tasting, and I learned about things like acidity, body, fragrance, and flavor in coffee, I realized... I'm a taste slut. I love food. I adore the salad we had together, how smooth the goat-cheese was with the smoky-and-fruity balsalmic, paired with the savory tenderloin and full tomato-acid flavors. I'm sure I was drunk on the passionfruit-raspberry chocolate. For some reason, though, I am apologetic about going into spasms over things.

Some day I shall stop apologizing for being such a taste slut.

But meanwhile, I added peppermint extract to my seltzer when I got home and tasted salt on Neil's skin.
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In Greece, where I spent a month of my senior year, I used to have yogurt and cucumbers and fruit and all sorts of yummies for breakfast. Sadly, when I got back to America, I discovered that our yogurt is thin, over-sugared, and lacking the creamy robustness that all greek yogurt has. That was the end of my yogurt career for a while.

But! today I have found that adding a dollop of sour cream to yogurt makes it taste significantly creamier and fuller, diluting out the nasty sugar. When I pour in a generous handful of strawberries, it... well, it's still not Greek yogurt, but it's much better.


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