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Because [ profile] shellaby claims that after 4 years at Williams and a bajillion years at Harvard after that, she no longer reads "words" and just looks at photos, I have decided to summarize Boston with some representative pictures stolen from people on Flickr.

This is like Kim BEFORE Boston:

This is like Kim AFTER Boston:

Or something like that. Maybe like this. Yay!
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So as everyone else said, Josh and Rachelle's wedding was beautiful, and also tons of fun. It's the also first time off Neil & I have taken in over a year, so it was really, really nice.

Salem is a seaside town, but unfortnately, because it was blindingly bright when we were walking by the water, you don't get to see photos of the sailboats. I can throw in a few photos of other stuff, though.

Random shots of stuff from around the town itself )

The library where the ceremony was )

Gratuitous shots of friends, including the shocking sight of Seth in a tux )

Josh and Shelley walking to the reception and dancing )
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So, though I had a lovely time this weekend visiting Simon and his beautiful wife Ann (and photos shall arrive sometime soonish), and I enjoyed seeing Josh/Shelley for the brief time I saw them, I would like to say this: I always forget how much I hate traveling on buses.

Buses make me irritable, bus sick, pissed off at people who don't know how to modulate their voices, utterly disgusted at the halitosis of neighbors who've never heard of breath mints, desperately wishful of a reality where I didn't know how to speak Chinese on the Chinatown bus, and generally... ready to go kill someone.

I brought knitting needles with me. There was some asshole on the subway ride home who was busking was singing off key, and he has NO IDEA how lucky he was that I didn't try to stick the fucking needles through his fucking eyes.

I would like to announce this for future reference: next time I go travel to see someone, it will be when I have more money, and I'll fly or take a train. No more buses EVER AGAIN. EVER.
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Everyone go hug Rachelle! Who else is so randomly energetic and good-humored and such an awesome artist?

Oh! Before I forget, I'm visiting Boston this weekened to see my Pool friend Simon (to watch a Buffy/Angel marathon), and plan to poke my head in over at Shelley/Josh's place briefly, so if anyone would like to say hello to me there, I'll appear in both Alewife and Davis on Saturday, and may stick around til Monday.


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