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Kim's words of advice on finding a therapist of any kind, be it a psychiatrist, doctor, massage therapist, sex worker, or what-have-you: never settle. I ran into this thought yet again because I plan to never see this massage therapist I saw today ever again, and yet I found myself using the same mental excuses I've heard other friends use before coming to that thought: "maybe they're right" "they're the expert" and, most insidiously, "I wouldn't want to offend them."

BZZZZT. You go to a therapist because you expect them to serve your needs. If they aren't hearing your needs or even if they just had a bad day that causes them to underserve you, they're not doing their job right. Leave. Pass "GO".

Is that a tough standard? Hell no. It's creating a better market of people who can better serve others. I don't want to be a part of a field where clients walk away unhappy; no self-respecting therapist would.

Meanwhile, my stomach still hurts, although the therapist did show me a stretch I can use to wring out my back a bit better. Sigh.
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Quotes from therapy:

"People don't end up happier if you allow them to constantly complain. They just dig themselves deeper into a rut. When you feel like you're being drained by someone, change the subject - that's how you can keep yourself present, and interested, rather than silently frustrated at listening to someone else be depressed."

"How much sacrifice is enough? That's not a rhetorical question."

"You know how you get your parents to stop nagging at you? Nagging is a sign of someone who feels like they haven't been heard. Feed their concerns back to them and ask questions until they feel like they've been heard, and then both of you can move on."


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