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From a random walk a few months ago:

Grey fall

more )

The good

Jan. 31st, 2011 02:25 pm
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[ profile] paper_crystals was awesome, and cooked up some Thai-style chicken on Saturday, which made life feel much calmer, somehow, despite the fact that I am clearly getting sick with some sort of cold.

Also, Cornell confirmed that I have carpet beetles, not bed bugs, so I can slowly start having friends over again without being terrified I'll give them the same plague I have.

Happy with all that, I finally took a few photos yesterday on the High Line:

Sunset windows

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Some shots of the shawl of doom that I finished last weekend:

Winging backwards

It's so blue! I heart it so. )


Apr. 24th, 2010 11:28 pm
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The light yesterday was particularly pretty.

Blue and red

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Yes, I am one of those people on the internet that takes photos of their pets all the time.

The fuzzy one


Apr. 5th, 2010 03:30 pm
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The latest wanderings:

Woman on a bench
(This one was from walking with Alexia)

More stock/detail shots )

And two window shots. For some reason, I really like windows lately. )
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The toilet started flooding all over the place today, and they needed to order a new part. It wasn't a promising start to the day.

But then Neil came home, and we took a walk, and I got lost in the shifting fields of color in the river and the sky.

Evening water
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The impressive thing about trips with Neil is that he always manages to draw rain. It doesn't matter whether it's August in the desert, although January in the desert is less surprising. In another life, [ profile] entropicangel would be a rain god. I mean, this is Death Valley, for crying out loud -- it's one of the only two true deserts in the United States. (And because it was raining, I was incredibly foolish during this run -- I only realized I hadn't drunk any water at all that day when I saw stars and the room spun around me. Why drink when it's raining? Oops.)

Death Valley in the rain is actually gorgeous, though, surprisingly -- the layers of sedimentary rock come out more deeply, and the various striations and mounded shapes of the alluvial fan are also somehow deeper.

Some of the mounds are pretty dramatic when you (by which I mean Neil's brother) climb them:

Karl climbed a mountain!

More shots from Death Valley. It is an amazing place. )
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Oddly enough, I have not taken any of the stereotypical Strip photos yet, and the car has been flying by at 80 mph, too fast to accurately shoot some of the crazy billboards around here. (And I mean it when I say the billboards are nuts. I don't think I've seen a single "normal" billboard for cell phones or the latest movie or anything yet.)

We did make it up to Zion, where I took a number of absolutely terrible photos, and a few good ones. I couldn't get the white balance on my camera right -- the entire place is red rock, so how do you not end up with just a ridiculously red photo? Argh. The best I could do was to correct in post-processing.

I seem to remember that if I had been a little more clever, I could have used some white paper to bounce the on-camera flash, and that might have helped, but it totally just didn't occur to me until after the deed was done. Live and learn.

So this is Zion, during that terrifying sunset run down the mountain:
Cliff face

And here is some of the beautiful scenic drive from Red Rock Canyon.

More Red Rock )
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I am excited because my friend D. let me model for her photo project, and the shots she showed me are awesome. (The last good photo I have of me was taken by [ profile] pinkrhino threefive years ago).

ETA: Here is one:

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I woke up this morning earlier than I usually do, and the early morning light is so beautiful. (And, of course, because life is ironic, I had to rush to Dr. Cohen's office and couldn't turn back to go snag my camera). Then I wandered over to briefly see [ profile] regyt in Brooklyn, and the light on the brownstones there -- long, dappled tree shadows on golden reds and ironwork scrolling -- was equally amazing. Sadly, photography is about carpe diem -- you either get the light or you don't. (Or you buy lots of lightboxes).

So I thought... I know most people have work early in the morning, but if anyone is crazy and wants to get up at the crack of dawn with me to go wandering, I WANT YOUR COMPANY. Please?

(This is all [ profile] regyt's fault -- she has energy that is contagious like chicken pox.)
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This is the result of my promise to try to take a photo or two even without much strong light:

Tree lost in puddle

At the garden )
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It's been three days since we've been in Colorado, and in that time, I have learned several things. Amongst lessons learned:

Colorado is very pretty.

On the road

More photos and rambling under the jump. )
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It's been a quiet week, client-wise; I think everyone is still too excited partying about the inauguration (or at least the booting of Bush) to take a time out for a massage, and January is when everyone's credit card bills from December hit, anyway. So instead of working, I took my slacker self up to the Botanical Garden instead. It's still warm in the Conservatory there, which seems almost miraculous amidst the cold, and it's quiet without making me feel lonely. As [ profile] wurbleinapoke says, a little adventure (and wandering) is good for the soul.

This is my favorite shot from the day:


Three more photos under the cut )
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Most of the time, if you see koalas, you see them sleeping. And don't get me wrong, that's really, really cute. Beyond cute, though, is a koala that looks like Yoda.

Photo comparisons of koalas )
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We are back from San Diego, where I wish I could have stayed forever and ever.

I am going to attempt to try a photo essay, a la Regyt. Warning: slightly long. )

See, [ profile] drlynch? I picked up my camera again :)


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