Jun. 18th, 2005 12:51 pm
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A kid at my school -- a likable freshman, a bit of a goofball, but a good kid -- was shot yesterday. He was selling CDs on 145th street. The kid who shot him was 13.

The NY Times did a writeup, as did the Daily News, but it will hardly make news for longer than 15 seconds, because urban kids are expected to shoot each other.

My colleagues and I grieved over this, but the prevailing attitude was, "it's been a few years since one of our kids was killed. We're lucky it's been this long."
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I wonder whether it is my moral obligation as a teacher to stop my kids from using carelessly-offensive language like "that's so gay." Or is it just me coming from another paradigm?
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This morning, I had the lovely pleasure of walking into a school that had the Mayor, the Chancellor, and most of the US Olympic Team! It was an hour and a half assembly where we screamed, "GO RANDOLPH!" and screamed with sports-pride; where we cheered and high-fived the celebrities and alternately booed and cheered on the Mayor. It was awesome.

Other awesome things include the discovery of, the website of a new singer-songwriter, courtesy of [ profile] pallasathene82. Rock on.
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whinging ahoy! )

The only thing that made stupid Ed classes better was taking this pretty fountain photo after class, and then coming home and talking to Matt L., and Jenn, for a bit.
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"Sometimes the only way out is through." - Karawynn Long

I was teaching Yovanni Whyte's story today. Read it, or listen to it, the minute you can. I don't usually say stuff like this so emphatically, but there isn't anyone who doesn't need to see this sort of very rough pain, and love, and courage.
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I never chat, I never write, etc. I know. I've been awful about communication, partly because I'm so overwhelmed with new classes.

Yesterday's class (for my Master's from Pace), though, where the main idea is "breaking barriers in teaching," was a fun one, though; our first day, I felt much more excited about the prospect of going back into the classroom, rather than ground down. We focused on what the teach of English was, and the various philosophies and personalities of other teachers around the room reminded me of why I was teaching; it made me a more directed teacher, and a nicer one, coming back into the classroom.

My 3rd/4th period class was still murder to teach, of course; they refuse to let me lead a discussion, and they're rude to each other when they speak. I've finally given up, and decided to go with just bombarding them with worksheets, writing assignments, and homework; that seems to work, although it's much less fun.

On the other hand, my sophomore class was as good as ever, with Macbeth, and despite the fact that I'm utterly exhausted by the work of constantly putting myself up in front of a class, they make it worthwhile.

I only need to sleep more... 5 hours of sleep just isn't good enough, and it's what I'm getting, between one thing and another. My brain isn't fully functional -- which is ironic, given the number of classes I have, where I'm either a teacher or a student. You'd think that it would be more awake. But no; Kim's definitely feeling floppy.


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