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Hey gang,

I'm alive! Back from Williamstown, where there was Much Drama With Matt and A Massive Screwup (blogged in the other journal without giving away too much detail), and it was so awesome :) I got to meet [ profile] ojouchan, hang out with [ profile] osirusbrisbane, cuddle platonically with [ profile] yoda4554 (and have him listen to my Woes -- thank god Dave is so calm and kind, always), and see the amazing Miss [ profile] pinkrhino. We had sushi, and took pretty photos, and saw plays, and I sat in Driscoll (I miss that entire spontaneous dining hall Drisc dynamic), and overall, it was a pretty good weekend. So many changes to the campus, too -- there's actually a reachable supermarket in Billsville? My jaw totally dropped.

Pictures soon.

Love you.
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Sleepy happy time spent with [ profile] sir_graeme and [ profile] lostsilmaril at the latter's house. Laughed so hard at shows of Coupling that my sides hurt, and borrowed far too many Charmed/Buffy episodes. Friends=good
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Hung out with Jen yesterday, where we had delicious Mexican food, and wandered around chattering about her upcoming wedding. It's fun to be a girl. And, we discovered the Time Warner complex right near Columbus circle, which is so glaringly hi-tech that it gave me a headache, but which also has two gigantic bronze statues. (We saw a couple fondling the male, but we were too far away at that point to take a photo of the girl smirking.) Anyway, photos are up.
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I'm back. And I have photos from Boston, where I stayed with [ profile] ppaladin and [ profile] shellaby. Plus, a tithe to some of the cats I've met lately.
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Today, I happened to:

- be in Boston!
- have amazing Burdick's chocolate
- read Christopher Paolini's Eragon, at the Harvard Coop
- cross the Charles River and take copious pictures (upcoming)
- suggest that Rachelle's birthday present, a bunny that squeaked "some bunny loves you!" and wagged its tail, should be used as a condom jar
- suggestively miss "putting my finger" on something
- listen to Josh recite "Mousetrap" as a good example of narrative poetry
- eat excellent chicken parmesan
- play with cats
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I had matzah ball soup with Matt T. That totally made my day
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Matt Tepel and I went out to Central Park yesterday, and had a wonderful day.

Amusingly, and slightly frustratingly, I fiddled with my photos for rather a long time (they're up here), but I think Matt's photos are just better, since he has a better digital camera. Sigh.
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Suz: mmmm, Kushiel's chosen
Me: I didn't like it. First of the series was the best
Suz: I agree. But still, that + Suz wanting to avoid work+ suz horny out of her mind = goodness
Me: well, that makes sense...
Suz: trust me, if you were around, I'd throw you down and ravage you on my bed, art history presentation be damned


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