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It's been three days since we've been in Colorado, and in that time, I have learned several things. Amongst lessons learned:

Colorado is very pretty.

On the road

More photos and rambling under the jump. )
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When I woke up this morning I was happy. (The amazing thing is that when you're depressed, it seems so hard to be simply happy, but once you're there, it's effortless; you feel like you can just skate along and life will continue to be kind and good, even when you know that there'll be a dip somewhere farther along the road.)

The weekend in Millerton was filled with foliage turned gold (the trees showing off one last time before they strip to their quieter, colder winter strength), as if the world were filled with light.

Yesterday, we walked up to Bash Bish Falls, where I sprained my ankle twice on treacherously leaf-buried stones, but the noontime sun was bright and warm despite the chill in the air, so we kept walking. The forest was almost completely yellow; no oranges, or startling reds. It was just creamy yellow light. I wanted to stop to take a photo, but then I remembered I'd forgotten my camera, and that disposable cameras always muddy or skew colors, and I didn't want to stop to turn around to buy a camera that would only capture smeary memories, so we climbed more boulders and extra-tall steps around the waterfall instead.

Then we went for tea at Harney & Sons' tasting room, and I was overwhelmed by what my nose covered for me. Lavender is transportive anyway, and when you drink an entire teacup's full of it, you wander around the rest of the bookstore-and-diner-and-Victorian-hotel filled day in a peaceful daze.

We also saw Rudd Pond, where the water was still and perfectly reflective. Water is thoughtful, so I was almost sad for a moment, caught up in feeling lost, but the grass wasn't cold, and Neil's kisses were warm.

Earlier, we wandered to a restaurant called Chives, which has the most laughably bare bones website in history, but the most delicious organic-ingredient food -- I've never had so many subtle flavors come together in a simple corn chowder. Sour-and-sweet-and-salty/hearty - bacon, sour cream, saffron, an exotic pepper. I think we'd go back just for that if we could. Or at least I would.

I wanted to drive along the rolling mountains forever, because it was heated in the car, and the purples and reds were so beautiful.

But in the end, we came home, and snuggled, and I'm so very glad we went away. And when we came back, the cat was snuggly and overjoyed to see us, although she scolded and yowled in her cat-grumbly way.


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