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I saw gloves in the store the other day that would let you use your iPhone. But they were sort of thin and not well lined, which didn't make them ideal as actual gloves.

Instructables to the rescue! Apparently, you can sew a few stitches of conductive thread onto the finger of your glove, and make them totally iPhone/ touchscreen usable! I'm totally buying some to do that to my gloves.

Also, I should say that despite the annoyance and sleeplessness caused by the bedbug resurgence, the nice clean floors are great. And Neil's starting to do things like put spoons from my tea back into the sink, and my increased compulsive cleaning is actually sort of nice, as far as living spaces are concerned.


May. 25th, 2010 05:43 pm
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I'm done! I think I did well! I love everyone :) In that exhausted sort of way.

Now, to solemnly bring my towel (in honor of Towel Day) down to the grocery store, studiously ignore the "you are insane" looks, shop for stir-fry ingredients, and snuggle with [ profile] cayenne and [ profile] microhylidae.

I leave you with this thought: wouldn't life be better if we all had more silliness in it? Also, cookies. Or cupcakes. Those are good too.
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Does the idea of transactive memory mean that people who have more intimate ties with others increase their memory capacity? Could working closely with or being more positively-emotionally-entangled with others actually improve your memory?
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So apparently, blue food coloring helps recovery from spinal cord injury in rats. The only side effect is that it turns the rats blue:

This leaves me with three final thoughts:

(1) I want a blue rat.

(2) Well, except not if I have to injure its spine first. Did they deliberately give rats spinal injuries? Lab work is not for me, man.

(3) On the other hand, my old, overly-reddish-hued elementary school librarian dyed blue would be hilarious. I once described her as a huge, squishy tomato with an attitude. She'd be a purple and blue tomato. And I wouldn't mind if she had a spinal cord injury first.
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One of those things I hate is the waste of good food. Apparently, as I learned when walking a woman over to Balducci's in the rain (her umbrella died and she was old and limping, so I slowed down and walked with her there, and she was all ranty about this) -- Balducci's throws out all of its food at the end of the night -- it doesn't donate it to shelters, or bring it to the firehouse half a block away. Environmentally and just because it grates on something in my psychology, this horrifies me. One of the sad things at the food tasting tonight was the fact that some of those taste-gasmic, intense, beautifully presented chocolates were thrown out.

I'm not sure what the solution is, but clearly, we need more pressure on people to do better. It comforts me that there are people like [ profile] simonbillenness who put pressure on companies to hire ethically, to not use sweatshop workers, etc. -- but the smaller wastes, the little outrages... no one talks about those.

I wonder if I could eat all of that food.

I am a dumpster-diver in the making.
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Neil Gaiman once wrote that there wasn't a word for that feeling you get when you look at someone you used to love, and remember how it was.

I thought maybe "solestalgia" would be right, and [ profile] osirusbrisbane suggested the simpler "lostalgia" as a counter, but neither quite gets the "love" notes in there. Ideas?


Jan. 7th, 2009 12:04 pm
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Have you seen Adam Sandler's Bedtime Stories, with its huge, googly-eyed hamster Bugsy? Totally a full quarrter of the comedic value of the movie. Anyway, a mate for Bugsy:

(via a secondary link from [ profile] theweaselking)


Dec. 7th, 2008 03:17 pm
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It seems lately that with Buffy, the Twilight phenomenon, and other recent writing hits, the vampire-myth is on a sort of cultural ascension.

Hence, an amusing video mocking the whole thing:

Once You Go Bat... (embedded below)


The rise of vampire-lust makes sense, of course -- who doesn't have a bit of being attracted to danger? Also, every vampire story I've ever read has built in the idea that vampires have social norms and/or a sense of honor that prevents them from wiping out the whole of the human population. And honor (or a more evolved social sense) + danger = attractive.

(Backtracking a little, I do realize that there are novels where the rest of vampire society is less honorable, but the hero is the vampire with the sense of honor, standing up for we human underdogs. (Clearly. Because of course the environmentalists, vegans, and activists in our society who stand up for the cows, the mistreated, and the environment are often looked at as heroes in their day to day lives... except that they're not. I'm thinking of "fiction." In "fiction," we're allowed to pretend that vampire society is a more evolved society than the society we humans currently have.))


But secretly, incidentally, I always rooted for Team Jacob... Edward always was a little moody, and erm, werewolfies are cuter.

Pant pant

Nov. 25th, 2008 01:52 pm
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I've rediscovered that if you bend your knees more, you're more stable. So when the Wii Fit tells me to assume the yoga "tree" pose, bend your knee more -- you get more stability and power from that leg.


Nov. 22nd, 2008 12:32 am
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Sometimes the reviewers are right. Twilight was badly directed, and Robert Pattinson overacted.

Oh, the tumble of a hype! The fall of Robert Pattinson straight off my "hot" list! Sniff.
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It's interesting to think about attractive celebrities. Most of the male celebrities I can think of offhand don't have particularly gorgeous features. Of the ones that do, sometimes the roles they play or their tawdry personal lives make them grossly unattractive. Tom Cruise so doesn't do it for me anymore, though I really loved his role in Jerry Maguire. Orlando Bloom... always manages to play a character that is vaguely annoying. Sorry, I never liked Legolas or Will Turner.

Then there are the interesting cases of people who I sort of don't care about as far as how they look. If Dan Savage, of Savage Love, were straight and available, I would be a screaming fangirl and rip my clothes off etc. I mean... he's Dan Savage.

But a quick list of Kim's other top hotties goes like so:

Then there are the people who sort of scare me that would be attractive if the characters they play didn't seem so intimidating. Like Kirsten Bell (holy cow, who would have the balls to date Veronica Mars?) or Angelina Jolie (I neither want to date Lara Croft nor uber mommy nor keeper of Billy Bob Thornton's blood).
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OMG OMG! Twilight the movie is coming out on the 21st, and Richelle Mead, the author of the Vampire Academy series, is COMING TO NEW YORK sometime between the 19th and 26th.

Hells yeah it's gonna be a fang filled week! Am I a fangirl? Yes, yes I am.
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So I ordered a kimono on ebay, from a slightly sketchy seller in China. I hope it gets here in time for Halloween and fits, because I adore silk and I can't think of any other time when it would actually be apropos to wear.

... Well, other than perhaps as a kinky prop.

What're you doing for Halloween?
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I've always wanted to try tasting those crunchy bugs they show you in movies. Would they taste like delicious crunchy noodles? Would they be faintly nutty, and good with chocolate? Or would they be tasteless, like boiled chicken with a crack to it?

I wonder sometimes whether they would be better tasting if I were some other creature. Like a frog.

I wonder about bugs because I'm pretty sure that I just ate a small ant that had crawled into our salt shaker... and it tasted like salt.
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I've been having a pretty down day; frightened of the future and feeling some of my recent losses pretty sharply. David was over here, and that helped, a little, but...

... in an attempt to get out of my head and stop...

I wish to share this gem:

Peanut butter kisses. So addictive.


Mar. 11th, 2006 04:23 pm
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Today I found out that people post photos to flickr and they *disable* comments. I mean... the entire point is comments.

Do they have a more fulfilling sex life than I do? I mean... I love Neil very much, but I want to meet these people. Freaks.
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To all you candy lovers out there: whilst doing the google image meme, I realized that in addition to Skittles, there's this other candy that they often sell at newsstands, and I am totally addicted to it. I will often pass a newsstand and be forced to buy one of these things. They're gummy/jelly type round candies, and come in packages of 6 candies all in a row. The colors are red, white, yellow, green, and orange (5 flavors. The white one is grapefruit, in case you were wondering.)


Edit: prize goes to Sonja and Graeme for getting "Sunkist" -- whee!!! Now I really want one.


Feb. 3rd, 2006 04:15 pm
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Life always seems to come down to the simple things we learned first: good food, rest, security, touch, easing pain.
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I'm convinced that my blues can always be lifted with some skittles.
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You know what I'm afraid of? That part in Avenue Q:

Christmas Eve: Why you all so happy?
Nicky: 'Cuz our lives suck!
Christmas Eve: Your lives suck? I hearing you collectly? Ha!
I coming to this country for opportunities.
Try to work in Korean deli... but I am Japanese!
But with hard work I earn two masters degrees in social work and now I a therapist but I have no crients and I have an unemployed fiance... and we have lots of bills to pay...

I'm 25. At the end of the semester I will have a Master's degree in Education that I find totally worthless because I don't want to go back to the classroom (and because I'm still scared of all my failures there.) Then I want another degree. *sigh*


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