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Jan. 31st, 2011 02:25 pm
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[ profile] paper_crystals was awesome, and cooked up some Thai-style chicken on Saturday, which made life feel much calmer, somehow, despite the fact that I am clearly getting sick with some sort of cold.

Also, Cornell confirmed that I have carpet beetles, not bed bugs, so I can slowly start having friends over again without being terrified I'll give them the same plague I have.

Happy with all that, I finally took a few photos yesterday on the High Line:

Sunset windows

two more )
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I saw gloves in the store the other day that would let you use your iPhone. But they were sort of thin and not well lined, which didn't make them ideal as actual gloves.

Instructables to the rescue! Apparently, you can sew a few stitches of conductive thread onto the finger of your glove, and make them totally iPhone/ touchscreen usable! I'm totally buying some to do that to my gloves.

Also, I should say that despite the annoyance and sleeplessness caused by the bedbug resurgence, the nice clean floors are great. And Neil's starting to do things like put spoons from my tea back into the sink, and my increased compulsive cleaning is actually sort of nice, as far as living spaces are concerned.
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The toilet started flooding all over the place today, and they needed to order a new part. It wasn't a promising start to the day.

But then Neil came home, and we took a walk, and I got lost in the shifting fields of color in the river and the sky.

Evening water
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Neil came back from his conference yesterday, and I'd missed the feel of his smooth skin and floppy hair SO MUCH. And he was exhausted, so he went straight to sleep. Alas, his snoring and my own weirdness kept me up late... so instead of doing anything so mundane as "trying to sleep anyway," I wrote up two absolutely unnecessary extra credit reports for my Psychology and Biology classes. I hadn't planned to do them before, being relatively certain of my grades in all my classes. But it was an effort that felt somehow fueled by the fact that I was so glad to see him -- the intangible relief of having my world fall into comfort again.
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Finals are upcoming and Kim is stressed, but Neil took Kim to see Vienna Teng tonight, and she made me misty eyed. And she signed my CD cover! squeal!
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You guys are great -- I got such lovely calls and emails wishing me a happy birthday. Thank you :)

I guess it was a pretty good birthday, too, actually -- Neil spoiled me, of course, and I lazed about. It was a nice change to a week that had its fill of icky emotions and physical pain, though I spent a large portion of today recovering from various physical stressors (partly the result of my own klutziness, with subway doors closing on me, etc, but also partly emotional stuff spilling over). Neil reassured me that even though I felt like I was being such a baby about physical pain, that he still wanted to be there. I got held and cuddled like I wanted. I edited photos. It was a day of emotional healing along with everything else.

Funny how emotions so often are reflected in our bodies. Relaxing, I can feel the tightness in my shoulders and neck go. Tense earlier this week, I walked into things and hurt myself on all sorts of levels, lack of sleep included.

(There is, of course, a reasoning behind the tension.) )

Fortunately, I have a very loving primary partner, who reminds me that detachment isn't gained overnight -- that empathy is valuable in a massage field. I love talking with him. I also have the sense people care for me, and that helps to heal.

So onward into another year I go...
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Neil now has the same cold/flu thing that I came down with last night, we think. We're both sort of delirious, tho I think mine is 'cause of DayQuil, which is strong stuff. (Like, no, really...)

Anyway, in delirium, this is the kind of thing we find funny:

Neil: [drops toothpaste tube into the toilet while attempting to brush his teeth]
Me: I'll pretend that's just 'cause you're sick and not just klutzy?
Neil: I'm slutzy!

3 weeks

Apr. 20th, 2006 02:50 am
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In other relationships, I've secretly sat, wondered when things would turn sour, and tried to tell myself it was definitely going to work, made myself large promises... with Neil, it's like the days just fly by, and while it's occaisonally a little bit of extra effort to cuddle him when I'm drained, for the most part, I just think about how damn lucky I am. I'm going to protect him and treasure him for every day of my life, and we're going to weave our lives around each other.
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I'm happy. I mean, stressed out, too -- I freaked out tonight over the idea of filling out my FAFSA forms, and Neil helped me through filling those out (mostly by sitting and actually doing all the work) -- but I know that tonight was so much easier than it ever has been. Neil took me for a walk after, and we had chocolate ice cream, and he was so sweet...

... and we watched the Simpsons and seeing Neil grin makes me feel like the entire world is full of light.
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Neil's home :)

There are about 100 billion things to unpack, but (1) kissing him makes me forget everything, including things that would normally drive me crazy, like a messy apartment (2) Neil was really sweet yesterday, as he always is, and unpacked the kitchen by himself. This made me much happier.

Also, in minor news -- as suspected, Time Warner was definitely lying about a "non splittable connection," since I'm writing this from behind my router with no problems. Huzzah for having an Earthlink connection now. I'll quote Selva: "if you assume they're evil, as most companies are, it makes it much easier to accept the fact that they're going to lie to you."

Mixed bags

Mar. 23rd, 2006 05:58 pm
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Whew, well... I committed to the Swedish Institute today. Yikes. The thought of committing that much money and time scares me a lot, but I think... I think I'll be happy as a massage therapist, even though the work will be hard.

Meanwhile, my main computer died again, which annoys me, since I just got it repaired; and I'll prolly just give up and be out of touch for a few days.

The store attempted to ask whether I'd take a paycut; I politely refused, and so, just in case they try to hardball it, I'll need a replacement venue. Which really means that Kim really needs to be compiling lists of potential students and sending out mailings pimping herself as a tutor. I could try to sell myself as a web designer, but I'm afraid that that sort of work would be more uneven, and I'm not even really sure about how to get the marketing started there.

Um. So that's the bad news. But in good news, I Craigslisted my old microwave, and some nice lady will be picking it up from me and donating it to her students. I got 2 boxes of books packed (yay!), I'm hoping to pack more, and [ profile] sir_graeme generously offered to help move some of Neil's belongings in on Monday/Tuesday.

I feel like I'm scared and stressed, but hanging in there. And I know that (despite not having my parents' emotional support) I do have Neil. And Neil helps me to believe that everything's going to be fine. Just having someone to cry on when all the stress builds up helps enormously.

I am grateful every day that Neil is there to lend his incredible sense of acceptance and understanding and plain joy in being alive to me.

Neil :)

Feb. 28th, 2006 09:21 pm
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Back from Columbus! More to come later, but this is Neil at the sandwich shop. Isn't he adorable? He's making an "I'm amused at you constantly taking photos" face here. I had a lovely trip...


(For the curious -- the synopsis is: he greeted me at the airport with a purple tulip and spinning-around-ness and chocolate, and I laughed in delight. Then we got back, and he presented me with white lilies, which are my absolute favorite. Um. Then *censored*. Then we hung out with his housemates and took walks and then *censored*. Then *censored*. Then I watched a marathon Buffy showing while he was at work, and we cuddled to bed. We went to the aquarium the next day, and then to a city council meeting, and then watched Brokeback Mountain -- which is one of the few movies I can count on my hand as having walked out of. Terrible character development. But then we went back home and *censored majorly* and when I woke up the next morning, we talked for a while about moving-here logistics and reassurances and *censored.*)
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I had a lovely day today. Originally, I was supposed to see [ profile] sir_graeme for brunch, but we both wimped out, after seeing the torrents of snow come cascading down on the city -- and then Debbie, a high school friend of mine, called, and suggested us taking photos together.

So I trudged out into the blizzard, and we talked and froze and ate at a diner and then I took a bunch more photos. And then we watched Buffy episodes and talked some more, and I babbled about Neil, and she said, "he sounds rare." That made me beam with happiness. Because he is so very rare. I'm so looking forward to him moving in!

Anyway, there were one or two more photos on the way home, and a crisp night slushing on virtually emptied streets. My bones hurt, but I'm happy. And I'll show y'all some of the photos as soon as I figure out how to convert the RAW files -- I'm gonna be dangerous once I get to really work with RAW format (it's like the equivalent of having a negative and being able to play with shadows/contrast/light, far better than you can with JPG files.)

Edit: but there might not be that many photos, since I now realize that taking photos while snow is still falling makes the city look like it has dandruff...
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I opened my Valentine's day present early. His mix CD made me *cry* and laugh at the same time at his sappiness. And he got me fuzzy purple socks! Purple! Yeah!

I am so lucky.


Feb. 9th, 2006 07:36 am
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[ profile] nadyezhda asked how I was, which totally made my day. Thank you =) Friends are such lovely things to have, and I know I haven't been completely present for some of you, so I'm really grateful y'all are still around.

Here's the update:

I still feel guilty over breaking up with Matt. He haunts me. Yesterday, I heard Jesse's voice in my head: "you broke my dreams." I hear the voice of heartbreak, and it's incredibly hard to not want to somehow make amends by being miserable along with every other sad person. But...

In positive news, though, I went to a shiatsu massage yesterday that was sooooooooo awesome. Shiatsu is eastern, so you get a lot of talking about balance in your life - and when my (drop dead gorgeous) massage therapist ran her fingers along my arm (PC meridian), she said "hmm... social life troubled. Broke up with a boyfriend?" "yeah - depression and guilt." Which I thought was totally amazing. I mean, the idea that your body can give away that much, and can be healed in the moment of touch, is something that is almost orgasmically cool. And I want to do this as a career.

Mom, of course, says, "that's the stupidest idea you've ever come up with," and wants me to be doing something more intellectual -- read: medical school.

But she's helping me in my search for finding random publishing/HR positions that I'd be qualified for, since I've effectively turned my back on my teaching degree, and she's helping me out financially for paying for massage school, so I can't really complain. How many people really don't have to worry about starvation, after all, and are lucky enough to be able to consider a career in helping others?

Meanwhile, I'm very in love with Neil, and he wants to move to New York as soon as he finds a job here. And I want him here, in my life, every day.

I feel very blessed.


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