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Jan. 31st, 2011 02:25 pm
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[ profile] paper_crystals was awesome, and cooked up some Thai-style chicken on Saturday, which made life feel much calmer, somehow, despite the fact that I am clearly getting sick with some sort of cold.

Also, Cornell confirmed that I have carpet beetles, not bed bugs, so I can slowly start having friends over again without being terrified I'll give them the same plague I have.

Happy with all that, I finally took a few photos yesterday on the High Line:

Sunset windows

two more )


Mar. 31st, 2010 07:54 pm
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It was such a beautiful day out today -- and after the sun set, the clouds took on the shape of marine animals streaming through the water.

I love how it is spring out. Oh my god. It is the season of strawberries and new peas and fresh bean sprouts.

I also want to get a prime lens -- I'm really thinking about this one, because it's cheap and [ profile] underwatercolor thinks a prime lens is really nice for the price...
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This is a list of things that is worth being alive for:

  • Waking up next to Neil
  • Finding a phrase that is just so, that is exactly what I want sometimes
  • Discovering a new character in a book that inspires me to be braver, fiercer
  • [ profile] osirusbrisbane's terrible puns, and the odd email words of advice that pop up in my inbox
  • One of [ profile] readysetg0's moments of silliness and happy energy
  • The look of trust in Allergen's eyes when she's lying in the sun, purring and half-snoring away
  • Sunset light, and the way it makes the world look new and golden again
  • Harry and David pears
  • Blue oceans and lakes that are perfectly still and reflective as glass, before the wind ruffles its feathers into a flurry of small waves
  • Being tucked in by Neil
  • The feeling you get after a massage, as if everything were peaceful and dark and you're only just opening a window, discovering light
  • Live music concerts, and the sense of unity there in the room, when you know everyone next to you is laughing and crying on the same emotional wave
  • Being held as if I were completely precious
  • Spinning in rhythm at contradances
  • Finding a completely expressive, well composed photo
  • Singing, with perfect pitch, with someone else, and feeling the happiness of it run together
  • Hot tea
  • Holding hands with someone... anyone, actually.
  • Making someone smile unexpectedly (this one often comes with associated costs, but it's still worth it)
  • Being on a brand new adventure in bed (one that doesn't involve accidentally spraining something)
  • One small, snuggly stuffy

... Yum. Happier already. Your turn!

Yay news

Oct. 31st, 2008 02:18 pm
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Dear Friendslist,

Thanks for the input on languages! I had lots of fun pondering who to converse with. After some consideration, I think I'm going to go with the French, because I've been told that Rosetta Stone software, which is what I'd probably use, is much more flash-card oriented than grammar oriented. (Classroom learning= more fixed schedules and more expensive). That gap is easier to make up in French, though, since I already have the basics of the grammar in French, whereas I don't in either Spanish or German. Also, [ profile] malinalda and [ profile] ojouchan don't think I won't take you up on the offer to speak frenchily at you ;)

Other good news: Neil and I are taking a vacation this weekend. It shall be a much needed daytrip to Millerton, NY, near the Connecticut border. Millerton is home to Harney & Sons tea, which I love incredibly much, and there should be some great food and hopefully pretty leaves around. The town has the same rolling mountains as you can see in Williamstown, and purportedly an excellent bookstore.

We can afford to do this because - in even more good news - Neil's company is semi-solvent again, so he actually got paid a half-paycheck recently. This doesn't make up for the 4.5 that he's behind, but it's a promising start. And he's got the ball really rolling on job applications.

Finally, I've been told that early-anniversary present from Neil to me is going to be a Body Cushion. I am so excited! Not only is that good for certain of my massage clients (I won't use it on Deb's clients, so as not to get them acclimated to something she won't use), but it'll let me sleep without wrenching my shoulder forward. Squee!
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As in all my classes. Whee! Also, Neil agreed to go to a Cuddle Party with me, which makes me feel super-loved and which is a Big Step in our relationship. In bad news, I have a wretched cold, but I'm hoping to kick it soon.
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I'm happy. I mean, stressed out, too -- I freaked out tonight over the idea of filling out my FAFSA forms, and Neil helped me through filling those out (mostly by sitting and actually doing all the work) -- but I know that tonight was so much easier than it ever has been. Neil took me for a walk after, and we had chocolate ice cream, and he was so sweet...

... and we watched the Simpsons and seeing Neil grin makes me feel like the entire world is full of light.
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I opened my Valentine's day present early. His mix CD made me *cry* and laugh at the same time at his sappiness. And he got me fuzzy purple socks! Purple! Yeah!

I am so lucky.


Feb. 11th, 2006 08:18 pm
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Next to meeting Tony himself, this sign was totally one of the best parts of my very awesome walk this morning with the uber-talented Flickr photographer Tampen:

Awesome sign, man

More to come! OMG! Walks on cold mornings with people who like walking are so awesome.


Feb. 9th, 2006 07:36 am
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[ profile] nadyezhda asked how I was, which totally made my day. Thank you =) Friends are such lovely things to have, and I know I haven't been completely present for some of you, so I'm really grateful y'all are still around.

Here's the update:

I still feel guilty over breaking up with Matt. He haunts me. Yesterday, I heard Jesse's voice in my head: "you broke my dreams." I hear the voice of heartbreak, and it's incredibly hard to not want to somehow make amends by being miserable along with every other sad person. But...

In positive news, though, I went to a shiatsu massage yesterday that was sooooooooo awesome. Shiatsu is eastern, so you get a lot of talking about balance in your life - and when my (drop dead gorgeous) massage therapist ran her fingers along my arm (PC meridian), she said "hmm... social life troubled. Broke up with a boyfriend?" "yeah - depression and guilt." Which I thought was totally amazing. I mean, the idea that your body can give away that much, and can be healed in the moment of touch, is something that is almost orgasmically cool. And I want to do this as a career.

Mom, of course, says, "that's the stupidest idea you've ever come up with," and wants me to be doing something more intellectual -- read: medical school.

But she's helping me in my search for finding random publishing/HR positions that I'd be qualified for, since I've effectively turned my back on my teaching degree, and she's helping me out financially for paying for massage school, so I can't really complain. How many people really don't have to worry about starvation, after all, and are lucky enough to be able to consider a career in helping others?

Meanwhile, I'm very in love with Neil, and he wants to move to New York as soon as he finds a job here. And I want him here, in my life, every day.

I feel very blessed.
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... Me! Rawr! Fear my babble!

I watched a marathon yesterday of "America's Next Top Model." It's totally brain numbing, but cheaper than drinking, and, as Matt says, helps me to kill the nasty internal monologuic prophet that sometimes lives in my head.

Good things that've happened lately:

- I've decided I should go do grad school. That means I really need to go move my ass to get GRE prepping and recommendations and such together (and if I want to do something in healthcare, that also means I should find volunteering opportunities in hospitals), but it gives me purpose.

- I decided to never break up with Matt. Ever. For any reason. I guess that sounds crazed, but I trust him to respect what I want and what I can and can't do, and everything else is just something else to work around. He's my best friend, after all.

- Jesse announced he was going to be in town after Christmas. I haven't seen him in ages, and I Vow To Do So Soon.

- I think I get to see David D. tonight. If he gets to work around work.

- Oren's coffee, in Grand Central, sells travel mugs with complimentary coffee for $3.20. I couldn't resist.

- My cat is really glad I'm back from Westchester and is being a lovebunny.
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Hey gang,

I'm alive! Back from Williamstown, where there was Much Drama With Matt and A Massive Screwup (blogged in the other journal without giving away too much detail), and it was so awesome :) I got to meet [ profile] ojouchan, hang out with [ profile] osirusbrisbane, cuddle platonically with [ profile] yoda4554 (and have him listen to my Woes -- thank god Dave is so calm and kind, always), and see the amazing Miss [ profile] pinkrhino. We had sushi, and took pretty photos, and saw plays, and I sat in Driscoll (I miss that entire spontaneous dining hall Drisc dynamic), and overall, it was a pretty good weekend. So many changes to the campus, too -- there's actually a reachable supermarket in Billsville? My jaw totally dropped.

Pictures soon.

Love you.
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In news lately:

Matt's been putting me on a schedule, which is doing wonders for my sanity. I'm also spending waaaaaay more money than I have, but now I have a pair of running shoes, and a TMBG album, and I'm off to go jog (I'm up a little early for my schedule). And I upgraded to a pro flickr account so that if you guys ever want to see larger sizes on the photos, you can. (Any requests for larger sizes on any of my shots?)

[ profile] ppaladdin and [ profile] shellaby are visiting today, so on the list is also cleaning and getting stuff ready. And Sunday is a day with [ profile] kizlj to visit her new kitty.

Also, I took some photos in Central Park yesterday that made me really, really happy.

Check them out. )

BLUE mofo

Aug. 24th, 2005 11:52 pm
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My friend Jon just rocked my world by showing me the "fake-lomo" effect in Pshop. The lomo effect (named after some old school camera) basically ups the saturation & contrast, then gives a kind of tunnel burn to the edges. It's *beautiful*, and I totally love what it does. (and there's a huge flickr thread on it)

Here's a sample of my work, lomo-ized:



Jul. 19th, 2005 03:39 pm
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I just got a birthday teddy bear in the mail, with a psalm, from one of my ex-colleagues, telling me I was a wonderful person. I don't know whether to rail at the irony or just be grateful. I think the latter.


Jul. 19th, 2005 01:58 pm
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He thinks I'm funny! :) Isn't that great?
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I am now going back through my archives and tagging every entry, so it'll all be sortable.

A list of Kim's LJ tag categories )

* * *

Meanwhile, just to add some padding to the "happy" tag, I just thought I'd share something really sweet Matt said to me: "you're always so fascinating -- you continuously look for other perspectives. You're the most open-minded and tolerant person I know. And you've done just about the fastest 'growing up' that I've ever seen."

Isn't he sweet?

Growing up

Jul. 2nd, 2005 12:44 pm
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I'm so nonchalant, lately, despite the news that I'm technically fired from my job and I just took a thousand dollar gamble. I thought about why, and realized something of why; sometime in the past few years, I realized that happiness isn't perfect, and, more importantly, it never can be. Happiness is just what you make of it; you take what you can when it comes, because shit always happens.

There's never going to be a happily "ever after," because life doesn't end like a story does. There's "happily for a little while." There's "being as responsible as you can for the stuff that happens."

So I don't have a perfect relationship with Matt. So my boss royally screwed my career. So I'm going to be poor for the forseeable future, while I scramble around trying to figure out what next. So what? My boyfriend is genuinely my best friend, I have options, I believe in myself, I have great friends, and if it's a choice between this and being dead, I'd rather have this.
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I've been so darn care-worn lately -- as if my passion were a thing that dragged me down. I love M, and N, both.

So I took a break. Read some of the _Second Summer of the Sisterhood_, had an iced coffee. And I was glad to be me. I want a manicure later on, and a haircut next week, and I trust that both M and N will still love me at the end of it, even if I'm ignoring them both right now. That's one of the nice things about friends who're real -- they stick by you even when things're bad. Can't ask for much more than that.


May. 17th, 2005 09:05 pm
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[ profile] aussie_nyc and I took a walk north to Yonkers, and took awesome photos of stuff there. I mean, I guess it's only just one more place with buildings, but I like seeing new places. Check out the photos!


May. 12th, 2005 09:14 pm
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I learned a new vocabulary word: tmesis. It's when you insert a word or phrase inside another word. Example: un-be-fucking-lievable! =)

I love language.


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