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Although this bedbug thing is a Sisyphus-like nightmare (one where the boulder I push uphill not only just rolls back down the hill, but also squishes my feet on the way down and slowly squashes any friendships, since everyone is understandably terrified of catching bedbugs), the one nifty thing out of this is discovering the power of steam cleaning.

[ profile] confuseacat bought a really cool toy in the form of the Vapamore MR-100 steam cleaner. (Best loan/present ever.) And while he and I used it for purposes of bedbug-battling, we managed to play with some of the smaller heads in the kitchen, and whoa, you see dirt literally come flying away from whatever surface you're zapping.

That annoying bit of grease or dirt in the crevices of your sink and oven? Steam it with the grout head and it liquefies and melts right off. What took [ profile] paper_crystals and me several hours to do, in terms of scrubbing at stubborn, caked-on grossness in the kitchen took a few seconds per piece of grossness to clean up. I've spent many an hour attempting to scrub at oil stains on the walls, and there are a few that didn't come off. With this, it was steam, wipe, done - no scrubbing. It is literally the fastest cleaning I've ever done.

Meanwhile, the large head on the steamer, with the scrub brushes, is excellent for getting up just about everything from your carpet. (It doesn't pick it up the way a vacuum cleaner would, but it pulls all of the gunk up to the surface). Tiny amounts of cat hair are deep in the carpet where no vacuum cleaner ever managed to get to, but the steam cleaner is startlingly effective at eliminating all of that. I sound a bit like a commercial, here, but, like... no one ever told me that cleaning could actually be fun. And it is, a little, now -- my carpet has never been cleaner, and my place is much, much more dust-and-allergen free.
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I remembered yesterday that one of the joys of being a student is Broadway rush tickets. So I rolled out of bed this morning, intending to check on what the theatre did as far as rush tickets, because their policies differ by individual place. I assumed the box office opened at 10 AM, so I got there at 10.15 -- only to discover that the box office actually opened at noon. That also made me third in line if I wanted rush tickets right then, for A Little Night Music. Hmm. Well, okay. I had brought my knitting, so why not...?

Gosh, guys. The music gave me shivers. The play is about the loneliness of unfulfilled love, and wasted choices, all subtly, slightly ironically highlighted by the beauty of some lovely waltz-time music. Waltzes are about being close and easy and rhythmic as possible with your partner, and the whole play is about longing for that closeness, and looking in the wrong places.

The pacing of the play was brilliant, too -- dark, rueful laughter at all the tenser moments, just the way I like it.

It's been ages since I've been to a musical that moved me most of the way to tears like that. And Bernadette Peters? She still has it. As did all of the other stunning voices in that play. Man.


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