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This weekend, I hung out with Jamie, and she introduced me to two awesome two-player games (actually, she introduced me to more, but these are the ones I liked most). The first was Ingenious (which has a cheaper travel version, too). The goal of the game is to advance all of your colored tiles on a hexagonal board; the player with the lowest-placed color loses. You get an extra turn for having advanced one of your colors all the way to the top of the counter.

The nice thing about Ingenious is that it involves both strategy and luck -- the colored tiles you grab are random, like in Scrabble, so it actually takes a bit of crossing your fingers for the right tiles. It's also a relatively tight two-player game, which is great -- often, two-player games are either decided in the first few moves, or they drag on too long, because they've been badly adapted from four-player ones.

We also played Blokus Duo. I'd played the four-player version, which is a lot of fun, because of trying to maneuver around three other people's tiles, but the two-player version is a lot faster and in some ways a better game because the tension is on from the beginning, rather than at midgame. (It's a smaller board -- 14x14 -- and you start off 5x5 from the corners, which is what makes the battling for territory move along so the tension is up from the beginning. Note: if you own the four player version, obviously it can be modded into a two player version by drawing a 14x14 square with a marker. You can make the 3p version a lot better by modding it down to an 18x18 grid, too).

So! In conclusion, if you want to play some shiny 2p games that are not endless Dominion rounds (*cough* not that we know anybody like that), try these! (Or Quirkle, possibly, though I wasn't as fond of that one for some reason). I believe both of these games also play pretty well for 3 or 4, (Blokus only when modded, though) so they're good party games, too.
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